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陕西YOPLAY街机游戏 生物科技有限公司向巴基斯坦M/S. NUCHEM (PVT.) LTD捐赠5000只口罩

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3月30日陕西YOPLAY街机游戏 生物科技有限公司向巴基斯坦M/S. NUCHEM (PVT.) LTD捐赠口罩5000只,帮助巴基斯坦人民抗击疫情。



2020年初,一场新型冠状病毒席卷中国,患难之中显真情,巴铁兄弟在第一时间给予中国人民最暖心的援助、鼓励与问候。3月初,全球疫情多源爆发,陕西YOPLAY街机游戏 生物科技有限公司闻讯而动,勇于担当,与巴基斯坦人民同呼吸、共命运。

中巴友谊是深入两国人民血液与骨子里的兄弟之情,“携手抗疫,患难与共”,危难时刻见真情,YOPLAY街机游戏 用实际行动阐释“中巴友谊”,为共建人类命运共同体贡献一点绵薄之力。

在捐赠包装箱上醒目写着《YOPLAY街机游戏 人致M/S. NUCHEM (PVT.) LTD全体员工的一封慰问信》:鼓舞M/S. NUCHEM (PVT.) LTD员工要坚定信心,齐心协力,在疫情关键时期一定做好安全防护,表示YOPLAY街机游戏 人将永远与你们,与M/S. NUCHEM (PVT.) LTD坚定地站在一起,相信双方未来的贸易合作会更加通畅,往来会更加密切,友谊之树会永远长青,并祝愿巴基斯坦抗“疫”战争早日胜利!





Shaanxi Microbe Biotechnology Co., Ltd. donated 5000 masks to Pakistan M / S. NUCHEM (PVT.) LTD to help the people of Pakistan fight the epidemic


At the beginning of 2020, a new type of coronavirus was sweeping across China.when the epidemic situation become serious,and face mask supply not immediately.  The Pakistani brothers gave the Chinese people the warmest assistance, encouragement and greetings.

Unfortunately, the global epidemic broke out at same time  for many countries on 30th March,2020. And Pakistani people also suffering the coronavirus . Shaanxi Microbe  big boss heard this news ,then push foreign trade department to understand customers side situation and supply the emergency need in the first time.

China-Pakistan friendship is a brotherhood deeply rooted in the blood and bones of the peoples of the two countries.

On the donation box, "A letter of condolences from the people of Micorbe to M / S. NUCHEM (PVT.) LTD" was prominently written: Encouraging M / S. NUCHEM (PVT.) LTD employees to be confident and united Work together to ensure security during the critical period of the epidemic, indicating that the people of Microbe  will always stand with you. We believe that the future trade cooperation between the two sides will be more smooth and closer , the tree of friendship will always be evergreen, and I wish Pakistan an early victory in the war against epidemic!